“My Darling Patricia has created a masterpiece of puppet theatre that will make you weep”.  The Age

Africa is inspired by the true story of three children from Hannover, Germany who tried to elope to Africa ,on their own and in the middle of the European winter. In My Darling Patricia’s production, this whimsical story of the unfettered imagination of young children is placed within a suburban Australian context of child neglect.

"Where we see poverty and filth the children find giraffes, flamingos and leopards, and as the two worlds ultimately meet we are reminded of the heartbreaking resilience of a child’s optimism.
“It’s a stunning work.. . Realised with an admirable skill”. The Age, Melbourne, Australia

A Malthouse Theatre Commission


Created, Designed and Performed by My Darling Patricia

Concept  Sam Routledge. 
Writer/Director Halcyon Macleod
. Design Clare Britton and Bridget Dolan
Composer and Sound Designer Declan Kelly
. Puppets Bryony Anderson. 
Lighting Designer  Lucy Birkinshaw
. Stage Manager Darren Kowacki
. Props and Set Dressing  Tim Varga-McGaw

Outside Eyes  Maryanne Lynch & Chris Ryan

Original cast/devisors:  Jodie Le Vesconte , Matt Prest, Clare Britton, Alice Osborne and Sam Routledge. Additional Devisors Katrina Gill & Tamara Rewse

Tower Theatre, 12 November – 29 November, 2009, Presented by Malthouse Theatre.

Africa toured nationally in 2011 with Mobile States.


Photos of Season at Malthouse Theatre, 2009. Photographer Jeff Busby