Bryony is a maker and artist based on a bush property in rural NSW. Her puppets and constructions for visual performance have toured nationally and internationally with My Darling Patricia, Born in a Taxi, Erth, Theatre of Image, Chamber Made Opera, Circus Monoxide and more. She has made life sized dinosaur puppets for the Auckland Museum, the Museum of Victoria, and the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History, and held community workshops in the Central Desert, Western Sydney, rural Victoria and coastal NSW. As an exhibiting artist, she has had solo exhibitions ranging from intricate illustrations to a hand built projection machine, all investigating a salvaged aesthetic. She established One Off Makery in 2011, and under this banner has been working to create a small local network of skilled artisans making high calibre work from frugal resources.


Shows with My Darling Patricia: Politely Savage, Night Garden, Africa, Posts in the Paddock, The Piper