Christopher Ryan was a founding member of The Sydney Front and has also worked with One Extra Dance Company, Sidetrack Performance Group, Kicking & Screaming Theatre and collaborated extensively with filmmaker/photographer Stephen Cummins (1960-1994). Chris was Artistic Director of PACT Theatre from 1997-1999. He has an ongoing artistic relationship with My Darling Patricia and has worked on Politely Savage, The Night Garden and more recently Africa (and is about to start work with them on their new show Posts In The Paddock at CarriageWorks in November). With Version 1.0 he has performed in and devised The Second Last Supper, CMI (A Certain Maritime Incident) and From A Distance as well as dramaturgy on Deeply Offensive and Utterly Untrue and This Kind of Ruckus. Chris is currently lecturing in Theatre & Performance and directing: Orestes 3.0 (2011), Zeitgeist '71 ('11), Ubu ('10), Hamletmachine ('10), Angels In America [Part II] ('09), Pre-Paradise/Sorry Now ('09), Everyone and No One ('08), Antigone & Creon ('08), Oedipus Wrecks ('07) & The Trickle Down Effect ('07).

Shows with My Darling Patricia: Kissing the Mirror, Politely Savage, Night Garden, Africa and Posts in the Paddock