Clare has been involved in the creation of new works for theatre, radio and film for many years. She worked for two years with KISS Theatre Group in Europe. She was a founding member of The Sydney Front. Her solo performance Woman in the Wall has been presented in Sydney and in New Zealand. She was Co-director then Artistic Director of Playworks (1994-7) and served on the Theatre Committee of the NSW Arts Advisory Council (1994-6) and Theatre Fund, Australia Council (1996-99). Other performance work includes Burn Sonata (1998) and Inland Sea (devised with and directed by Nikki Heywood) (2000), Laquiem (composed and directed by Andree Greenwell from writing by Kathleen Mary Fallon) (1999). She has collaborated with John Gillies on the live performance of Prelude to the Mary Stuart Tapes 1998 and 1999 and the film The Mary Stuart Tapes (Melbourne and Sydney Film Festivals) (2000). Clare has been a lecturer in performance at UNSW since 1998. In 2012 she published an 8-pack collection of DVDs and archival documents on the work of The Sydney Front.