Samuel James has worked as a dance filmmaker and video designer for performance since 1995.  He has been a collaborator on over 200 performance projects developing integrated, paradoxical  languages with video projection.  He has a background in Architecture and worked as a stage designer from 1995-2003. He worked with artists at Performance Space for ten years and now works mainly on dance projects and videos.  In 2012 he completed an MFA Research at COFA, UNSW on Digital Animism.  Outside of collaborations he initiated five new media performance projects, Space1999 Cinema Simulacra (1999), Remixing the Aftermath (2002), Invisible Cities (2005), Multiplication of Difference (Calcutta, India 2007) and From the Rainforest Mind to the Desert Mind (2012).  His work focusses on phenomenology in media and has spanned from the density of urban environments (see Vivaria, 2009) to the barrenness of the outback. He has been commissioned to make video works for Campbelltown Arts Centre, Performance Space, Artspace and Reeldance Festival of Dance on Screen and is well known in Sydney as a performance-video collaborator.

Shows with My Darling Patricia: Politely Savage, Night Garden, The Piper, Falling