Kissing the Mirror – A haunting installation and performance piece performed for audiences of 15 people in the caretaker’s apartment of the historic Petersham Town Hall, April 2003.

Kissing The Mirror’s exploration of the delicacy and rhythm of everyday rituals; careful minutiae writ large, reflects the inquisitive heart of My Darling Patricia. The performance delves beneath the domestic realm of the two elderly protagonists as the audience travels through the installed rooms of the apartment into the fractured imaginative world of Maude and Esther.


Concept devised by Halcyon Macleod and Clare Britton.
 Performers: Clare Britton, Halcyon Macleod, Katrina Gill and Sam Routledge.
 Puppeteers: Bridget Dolan, Adam Keely and Scott Wright.
 Design and Construction: My Darling Patricia.
 Additional props: Tim McGraw and Steve Howarth. Mentors: Chris Ryan (Performance Making), Keith Rae (Mold Making)

Kissing the Mirror was supported by the Australia Council for the Arts(Youth Initiative), Marrickville Council, erth Visual and Physical Inc and Pact Youth Theatre.


Screen shots from Sam James' Video Documentation