Politely Savage, is a disquieting story of feminine decay and regret.
 A small audience is invited to a cocktail party before being led into a labyrinthine structure. Inside, a series of installations reveal a disturbing suburban underbelly. Film, puppetry and performance converge as Politely Savage evokes the Australian Gothic in a distinct and idiosyncratic vision.

Politely Savage was developed in fits and bursts with periods of quiet reflection from 2003-05. During the development of the work, My Darling Patricia participated in residency programmes in Sydney at The Performance Space and in Albury for Hot House Theatre’s ‘A Month in the Country’ enabling the company to enjoy sustained periods of development and research. The audience size is limited to 40 people to ensure an intimate and personal experience.

Politely Savage was initially presented at Pact Youth Theatre in April 2005. Since then it’s been performed at The Performance Space, the Victorian Arts Centre, presented by Tilt for Melbourne Fringe Festival, and at the Adelaide Fringe Festival presented by Vitalstatistix.

Awards for Politely Savage:

Best Independent Production, Sydney Theatre Critics Award, 2006

Outstanding Production, Melbourne Fringe Festival Awards, 2006

Best Design, Melbourne Fringe Festival Awards, 2006

Best Theatre Show Adelaide Fringe Festival, 2007

Photos of Politely Savage by Heidrun Lohr and Annabel Osborne. 

Photos taken during during seasons of Politely Savage at PACT Centre for Emerging Artists 2005 and Performance Space 2006